Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies) (BTS)

About the Programme

BTS is a 3-year Degree Programme. The programme is of 96 credits. The BTS Programme is designed for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in travel and tourism sector at different level. The Programme is aimed at familiarizing you with varied aspects of Tourism, creating awareness about tourism, imparting basic training in organizing Tourism services and opening career opportunities.

Courses Structure

Course Code Course title Credits
I Year 32
TS 1 Foundation Course in Tourism 8
TS 2 Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies 8
BSHF 101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences 8
BEGF101 Foundation Course in English -1 4
FEG 2 Foundation Course in English-2 or Modern Indian Language(Choose any one) 4
Modern Indian Language(Choose any one)
FAS 1 Foundation Course in Assamese 4
FBG 1 Foundation Course in Bengali 4
FGT 1 Foundation Course in Gujarati 4
BHDF101 Foundation Course in Hindi 4
FKD 1 Foundation Course in Kannada 4
FML 1 Foundation Course in Malayalam 4
FMT 1 Foundation Course in Marathi 4
FOR 1 Foundation Course in Oriya 4
FPB 1 Foundation Course in Punjabi 4
FTM 1 Foundation Course in Tamil 4
FTG 1 Foundation Course in Telugu 4
FUD 1 Foundation Course in Urdhu 4
II Year 32
TS-4 Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism 8
TS-5 Ecology, Environment and Tourism 8
FST-1 Foundation Course in Science   and Technology 8
PTS-4 Project on Indian Culture: Perspective   for Tourism 4
PTS-5 Project on Ecology, Environment   and Tourism 4
III Year 32
TS-3 Management in Tourism 8
TS-6 Tourism Marketing 8
PTS-6 Project on Tourism Marketing 4
Any one of the following (4 credits each)
BHDA-101 OR BEGA1 Samachar Patra aur Feature Lekhan (Hindi) OR Introduction to the Media 4
BRPA-101 OR BEGA 102 Radio Lekhan (Hindi) OR Writing for Radio 4
AOM-1  Office Organization Management 4
ASP-1 Secretarial Practice 4
Any one of the following (8 credits each)
TS-7 Human Resource Development 8
AHE-1 Human Environment (includes a 2 credit project) 8
EHI-01 Modern India : 1857-1964 8
EHI-02 India: Earliest Time to 8th Century A.D. 8
EHI-03 India: from 8th to 15th Century A.D. 8
EHI-04 India: from 16th to Mid 18th Century A.D. 8
ESO-15 Society and Religion 8
BEGE 103 Communication Skills in English 8