Certificate Programme In Peace Studies and Conflict Management (CPSCMOL)

About the Programme

The Programme, you have joined, is focused on the understanding of peace and conflict resolution, as well as providing practical skills for dealing with conflict in the society particularly in Gandhian perspective. The Gandhian message of non-violence is now globally recognised as the hope for human survival and development. The giant strides man has made in science and technology have failed to engender peace of mind in the individuals, harmony in society, and peace among nations; nor have they helped in liquidating poverty, ignorance, and exploitation. Instead, disparities in economic development, centralization, and concentration of economic and political power, separation of production from creativity of the individuals, and callous attitude towards nature, have increase. The relentless pursuit of material goals unmindful of spiritual development of man has led to a grave crisis in the psyche of the individual and society, global warming and climate change, a direct consequence of destructive use of nature, threatens the very survival of the biosphere. Man has become a victim of his own creation.

Many thinkers and activists, in the world today, have begun to turn to the life, thoughts and methods of Mahatma Gandhi to look for solutions for above mention. Many countries have witnessed popular movements for freedom, equality and peace, which drew inspiration from the life and methods of Gandhi. Activists and thinkers of younger generation in the world are looking to the alternative path that Gandhi showed in the hope that his message and mission are of crucial significance to the survival of mankind. The programme you are going to pursue develops these objectives. We are sure you will be benefitted with there and be better prepared for contribution towards peace in the society at large.

Courses Structure