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With 900 million telecom subscribers, India is a mobile nation. Telecom is revolutionising the entire sphere of human socie... Know More

India is positioned at a crucial juncture in 21st century and Development Communication is going to play a key role in addr... Know More

The Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education is a unique professional development programme designed and developed by IG... Know More

The Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADE) is on offer by STRIDE, IGNOU to meet the needs of teachers and professiona... Know More

The elementary French language programme is aimed at teaching simple communicative French language to beginner adult learn... Know More

Eating is so much a part of life that we tend to assume that we know everything about food. It is generally believed that provision of proper no... Know More

The Discipline of Rural Development is of vital significance for understanding the development issues related to Rural Society. The syllabus of... Know More

The Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Rural Development provides comprehensive of socio economic factors affecting transformation of Rural Soci... Know More

The Certificate programme in Rural Development provides basic understanding of socio economic factors affecting transformation of Rural Society.... Know More

The aim of this Programme is to enable/acquire understanding of Urdu language and literature beyond Certificate level. It also provides knowledg... Know More

This Programme is basically meant for unknowing Urdu speakers, who do not know how to read, write and correctly speak the Urdu language. It intr... Know More

The Certificate in Foods and Nutrition is basically a Post-Literacy level awareness programme meant for people with basic reading and writing sk... Know More

CERTIFICATE IN SPANISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE (CSLCOL): This basic elementary level Spanish programme is intended for students with no prior knowl... Know More

Master of Arts (English) (MEGOL) programme aims to reach students in all corners of the globe through its web-based study material, video lectur... Know More

The Bachelor Degree Programme in Social Work (BSWOL) is meant for people who are interested in providing professional assistance to people in ne... Know More

MA (Journalism & Mass Communication) programme provides a comprehensive exposure to various aspects related to Journalism and Mass Communication... Know More