Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy (PGCAPOL)

About the Programme

The Post Graduate Programme in Agriculture Policy seeks to develop human resource for planning, development and implementation of national policies in agriculture. The objectives and salient features of the agriculture policy framework along with strategies and issues should be known to all the stakeholders of the system for an effective implementation of development programme. The Programme covers various aspects essential for the policy formulation in order to IGNOU Common Prospectus 153 achieve overall economic development of the country. Some of the main aspects pertain to stages and factors in Indian agricultural development process,components of policy formulation,international andnational trade policies, intellectual property rights, research and development policy. The target group includes persons/organizations involved and graduates desirous to involve in policy making and implementation at the state/regional andcentral levels having stake in agriculture and rural development.


The specific objectives of the programme are to:
  • Create understanding ofthe salient features ofthe agriculture policy frameworkamong policymakers, implementers and other stakeholders of the system for its effective implementation.
  • Develop human resource for:
    • Identification of strategic issues with reference to national policies in agriculture;
    • Analysis of policy aspects and its operationalization; and
    • Development of an implementation framework for agriculture and rural development policies.

Courses Structure