Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADEOL)

About the Programme

The Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADE) is on offer by STRIDE, IGNOU to meet the needs of teachers and professionals working as well as aspiring to work in the area of distance education. Following the COVID 19 pandemic, distance learning has become the norm and even those engaged with the formal education system feel the need to better understand the philosophy and skills of being a distance teacher/learner.

The ODL system is recognized as an effective means for providing education to all sections of society at national as well as international levels. India has the world’s largest Open University as well as several State Open Universities that are offering programmes through the ODL mode. In addition to this, there are many Directorates of Distance Education that are a part of conventional universities. India also has a large number of Open Schools that are catering to pre-degree level learners offering general education, vocational education and lifelong learning programmes. There is a growing need for a trained cadre of professionals who are seeking employment in this system as well as those who desire to be lifelong learners. The MADE programme is a means for meeting this need of teachers, staff and learners of the ODL system. The programme includes key areas of study such as philosophy of distance education, its historical development, instructional design, technology, management, training, management, research, economic dimensions and support services related to distance education.

Courses Structure