Saral Sanskrit Bodh (सरल संस्कृत बोध) (SSBOL)

About the Programme

Sanskrit language is the oldest language in the world. It is very scientific in the form of language and it is also very authentic. The entire knowledge of ancient India is contained in this language. From Vedas to modern Sanskrit literature, even today Sanskrit is organised in its own form. The language of ancient knowledge, science, technology etc was Sanskrit. Our sages and teachers have written in this language by searching for knowledge in the interest of human beings. Even in the present era of computer, Sanskrit is being considered as the most authentic and useful language for computers. The aspect of life philosophy is basically preserved in Sanskrit language only. Discipline and values are the heritage of this language. Language and culture are inextricably linked. In this Certificate programme we are trying to make learners to be able to speak in Sanskrit language. In this programme, an attempt has been made to teach Sanskrit in a simple way by removing the difficult rules of grammar.

Courses Structure